In order to be able to access and update WordPress resources (especially media files / pictures) from PMX E-commerce, it is necessary to set up a user and assign permissions accordingly.

This is separate from the WooCommerce API-Access, that you have already set up to update products, receive orders, etc.

Setting up a WordPress User

In your WordPress admin area, please select “Users” and create a new User:

The Role should be at least “Author”. Otherwise this user will not be able to upload resources (e.g. images).

Add the new User by clicking “Add New User” and open the new User again. The extended settings will only be visible once you have reopened the WordPress User page.

After reopening the User, please scroll down to the “Account Management” area, where you will find the section for creating Application Passwords:

Enter a name for the new Application Password. We recommend to use a name connected to the purpose this Application Password will be used for.

Example: “PMX E-commerce”

This will help you identify the respective password in case you have to create additional Application Passwords for other purposes.

Directly after creating the new password, it will be revealed for you to take note:

Please be aware, that once you leave this page, you will not be able to retrieve this password again.

In order to be able to upload resources (especially media files / pictures) from PMX E-commerce, you will need to enter the user name (in our case “APIUser“) and the password (in this case “l4uO zHmn ca2q mU0U VeR3 qolf“) during the “Insert Base Configuration” process: